Facing a crisis

Life is Sneaky… “Gotcha”!

You’re cruising along, everything going great and then life grabs you by the throat and says “Ah-ha, gotcha!” You now have a new life crisis to deal with.  It’s scary, emotional, even devastating.

What we forget is that adversity is really normal.  It’s the unexpected that trips us up.

You might be facing a medical condition or the loss of someone dear to you. Right now we are seeing thousands lose absolutely everything in the horrible California wildfires.

Events like this are traumatic and disruptive. They trigger a huge amount of stress.  To complicate what you’re dealing with that stress can lead to illness which just makes everything worse.

So how do we cope?

Face the demon and try not to panic. Take a deep breath and get some hugs. The comfort of others helps us deal. Support cannot be over-rated. No matter what the problem, don’t be afraid to reach out.

Look for any bright side you can find… yup, sometimes they can be hard to see…

  • You and your family are safe.
  • A surgery can fix that medical condition.
  • You caught the problem early and you just have to get through it.
  • You have a spouse, family, friends and even pets who will love you right through this.
  • There are a lot of people who want to help you.

What can you do?  Make a list. Any action takes you a giant step forward mentally and physically.  It might be as simple as letting family know.

What sort of help do you need?  Physical, mental, support?

Take care of yourself.

You might not feel like it but going for a walk somewhere pleasant can be a boon.  Eat healthy choices. Get plenty of rest – resting is restoring…healing.  Talking things out, meditation, prayer… all can help.

Lean on your team, take actions, care for yourself… and get those hugs.  This too will pass.

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