Travel Packing Secrets make your life easier and your suitcase lighter

planning your wardrobe is a great packing secret
Secret 1 plan your wardrobe for maximum mix and match

Travel Packing Secrets

There are definitely some ways to make packing for your next trip less stressful. These travel packing secrets will make your life easier and your suitcase lighter. Not to worry, you will have everything you need.

Casual touring

  • Define the activities you will be doing on your trip that take different clothes:
    • in transit clothes
    • casual touring
    • dinner out
    • swimwear
    • lingerie
    • undies
    • sleepwear
    • footwear
  • Plan for mix and match.  I love color, but for travel, it’s easier if you plan around a basic neutral, like black. Toss in a colored shirt or two for fun.
  • Pick fabrics that travel well and are comfortable to travel in.  Like denim? You might want to consider some with a dash of spandex, way more comfy to sit long hours on a plane.
  • Rule of thumb.  Every top must go with at least 3 bottoms and vice versa. It will save you trips to a laundromat and waste time sitting there instead of vacationing.

Business Travel

Have a business event to attend?  Use the same rules. Select outfits that make use of core pieces but can be put together for different looks.

  • Select shoes for comfort and that are multi-purpose.  Some people like to travel in work-out shoes so they don’t take up space in their suitcase.  Other people prefer slip-on shoes that are easier to get on and off in security.    Some people need 6 pairs of shoes for 4 days, others can get bywith 2 pairs for 2 weeks – dressy casual and walking.

    Packing smart

    A sturdy wheeled suitcase is a great packing secret
    Travel packing secret 2 Make sure your suitcase has wheels
  • Think about fitting it all into a 24″ expandable suitcase.  Make sure it has wheels.
  • Think about using packing tools.  Something like ebags packing cubes.  After living out of a messy suitcase for 19 days, I was ready for less mess. Then I stumbled across this website:  They had mesh topped zippered packing cubes. Have only used them once but wow, what a difference in packing and how your clothes arrive

When you get there, you can just put the cubes in your drawers. Bam!

Packing tools is my favorite travel packing secret
Travel packing secret 3 packing bags keep clothes tidy and organized.

You’re unpacked.

Or if you are living out of the suitcase, consider packing outfits in a bag. Grab one and you’re ready to go. Everything from the top and bottom to what goes underneath.

  • Traveling with toiletries can get cumbersome.  Take the smallest sizes you can find.  (Giant hairspray cans take up a lot of room.) Ask your stylist for a suggestion of one that works for your hair and meets the 2 oz travel requirements.  If checking a bag, you can avoid the lines at the Security Check Point by putting toiletries in the checked bag.

    gusseted quart carryons give you more space for your travel packing
    Travel packing secret 4 Clear Quart Carry-on
  • Concerned about missing a flight and an overnight without them? Then you want your minimal needs with you.  To give yourself more room, look for an approved gusseted plastic zip bag to put toiletries in. You can get more in the same size quart container with this type of bag.  With its approved emblems right on the outside, there are no questions.

Travel wraps and incidentals

  • What do you need for a wrap?  Remember airplanes can be cool so layering can keep you comfy. Going where it’s cold? Carry the jacket with you, or put it in an outside pocket of your checked bag. This will assure it is easily accessible when you get your luggage.
  • Don’t forget incidentals. What will the weather be?  Chance of showers or bad weather? Make sure your outerwear and shoes will hold up to what you may encounter.

Pack light, pack well, travel light, save your back and go have fun.

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