When Healing—More is MORE

When you're dealing with pain, ingredients, dosage and formulation all matter. This is true for cannabis too. More is more when its done right.
Dosage and formulation make a difference

Wrong place, wrong time

Sometimes life throws us a curve that brings us the opportunity to learn with it. For me, I learned more is more.

About a month ago, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and involved in a freak accident. First, a heavy impact from the side knocked me off my feet backward. In a heap on the floor, the pain was excruciating. Then, when my husband tried to help me up, my left leg wouldn’t support me, and the tiniest amount of twist or lateral knee movement had me in agony.  

It earned me my first ambulance ride. The X-rays revealed a broken femur just above my total knee replacement: next stop, surgery to repair and reinforce.  A day later, the orthopedic doctor installed a plate that extended from an anchor in the knee replacement up the femur to anchor into my hip replacement. Yup, a super bionic woman now.

They sent me home to elevate, ice, and keep all weight off the leg. I had a whole routine of prescription pain killers, aspirin, acetaminophen, and bone-supporting supplements.  

Pain management

Wanting to move away from the narcotics as soon as possible, I reached out to a professional colleague. Bonnie’s a nurse who traveled extensively, studying the power of cannabis. She immediately offered some suggestions and sent me a healing package.  

That healing package is where I learned there really is a distinct difference in strengths, and more really is more.

Supplements – is more better?

I’d tried using CBD capsules for minor arthritis pain. But, the topicals always seemed to do more than the supplements.  Then, a colleague suggested I bump up the CBD capsules from the typical few grams to 25mg daily. It didn’t take long for me to notice improvement.

Bonnie suggested I set aside my current regime and, for ten days, take a loading dose of CBD100mg daily.  The only caveat was that if I felt lightheaded or dizzy to stop taking it and reach out to her.  Feeling lightheaded would indicate I had reached my max tolerance level. My body had plenty to use from and didn’t need more.  

I completed the ten-day regime and then dropped to my standard 25mg dose with no side effects.  The only thing I noticed during loading was a case of the munchies.  The desire to snack seemed to fade away once  I reduced the dose.

Topicals can be more

The other thing Bonnie sent me was two topicals.  She suggested using them repeatedly and generously.  KannaFREEZE is a soothing balm with menthol and 250mgpure hemp oil extract.  The other is a unique CBG formula with 2000mg of CBG/CBD.  I didn’t know they made anything like this.

Having tried topicals with the hip and knee replacements, I didn’t have a lot of expectations for the topicals.  I was surprised—shocked is more like it. A 2000mg blend behaved far differently than the typical CBD topical I’d experienced. (Most are in the 200mg – 450mg range.)  It quickly calmed from knee to hip. 

Formulations matter

As a skin care specialist, I’ve studied product ingredients and penetration. Of course, we know some products can penetrate, but the skin is very efficient at its job of protection.  Yet, with this lotion, I felt less discomfort almost instantly.

At the four-week mark, I’m seeing less knee swelling and can tell the bone is healing. I’ve reduced pain management to a couple of acetaminophens twice daily and liberal use of the topicals. 

If you’re looking for topical relief products, it’s essential to look at the ingredients, the dosage, and how it’s formulated. How are they delivering it beyond the surface of the skin?

Superficial discomfort, or small joint arthritis, does well with low doses. However, deeper or more intense issues may respond better to higher doses and formulas created to enhance penetration.

It’s one time that more really IS more.

The Stress and Beauty Connection

stress and beauty connect by the hormones stress produces causing skin issues

A curated article

As a licensed esthetician caring for and studying skin for over three decades, I knew there had to be a connection between stress and skin issues. I love that Rachael Brown shares the exciting new study proving this to be the case.

In this in-depth Beneath the Surface article, in Beauty Independent, Rachael shares the evolution of stress awareness and what the latest research has shown. 

It’s taken a long time for this awareness to come to the surface and the link between stress and hormones to become recognized and discussed by both consumers and beauty brands.

In my practice I saw women cope with breakout, dehydration, and “tired skin” all triggered by stress.  And when you can reduce the stress, the issues calm down. 

Young women tend to be more stressed. Social pressures, hormones, and now they are constantly attached to electronics and digital messaging. And we knew that hormone production is tied to stress. Skin issues are the byproduct of those two culprits.

Rachael quotes a recent study that confirmed that “63% [of women] spend less time on self-care and 61% feel less attractive when stressed. While 75% agree that feeling bad affects their sense of feeling beautiful.” 

Consumers are looking for real answers, not promises in a very expensive jar. 

It’s an incredible opportunity for businesses and manufacturers to help consumers cope with the issues that stress triggers. Topical products focused on problem management, relaxation techniques, and supplements are all getting involved.

Whether you’re a beauty business or a stressed-out consumer, I think you’ll find her article interesting. 

By Rachael Brown 

June 2, 2021 

Beauty Independent

As the co-founder and president of early beauty e-tailer Gloss.com during the tech-bubble heyday of the late 1990s, Sarah Kugelman’s career was on the upswing, but the tech euphoria soon soured into disillusionment and Gloss.com, which was scooped up by Estée Lauder in 2000, wouldn’t go on to realize the bold ambitions Kugelman had for it.

The extraordinary highs and lows of her Gloss.com ride put considerable pressure on Kugelman, who was wiped out physically and emotionally, and went searching for remedies to the stress that had taken hold of her initially in the fitness and diet arenas and, then, in beauty. “I became interested in how it related to beauty because that was what I was doing. At the time, skincare was dancing around stress,” she says. “There were brands like Aveda and Origins talking about natural ingredients, but not really about lifestyle and holistically what was going on in the whole body.”

Kugelman dove into researching stress to decode the relationship between stress and skin. She learned cortisol, the primary stress hormone, can break down skin structure and inhibit the skin from healing, and histamine, a chemical the stressed bodies release, can stoke rosacea. Ultimately, she identified five symptoms of stressed skin: accelerated aging, adult acne, dullness, dehydration, and irritation. She launched the brand Skyn Iceland in 2005 with a collection of six topical products packed with antioxidants and adaptogens to address the symptoms, and an oral spray with L-theanine, an amino acid known to decrease anxiety.

At the inception of the brand, consumers didn’t grasp the concept. “People were like, ‘I get that I’m stressed, and I get that my skin doesn’t look good, but I don’t know how they are connected,’” says Kugelman. “Somewhere between seven to 10 years later, people started to really get it. It became pervasive in the conservations we were having. I think that’s because of cell phones and social media. There were so many things that were stressing people out all the time, it became a bigger subject people were interested in.”

The subject has certainly caught on in the beauty and wellness industries, partially because they’re increasingly interconnected. Peace, calm, and relaxation are contending with brightening, firming, and wrinkle reduction in the pantheon of results beauty products pledge to deliver.

Whether applied or ingested, formulas are being designed to combat stress or the repercussions of it. Self-care has morphed from an indulgent escape to a therapeutic session.

“If the consumer doesn’t feel good on the inside, they aren’t going to look good on the outside.”

“Stress is the next frontier. It used to be clean,” says Jessica Assaf, co-founder and chief education officer of Prima, a CBD beauty and wellness brand with the tagline, “the science of stress relief.” She continues, “If the consumer doesn’t feel good on the inside, they aren’t going to look good on the outside. The categories are getting all blurry. Beauty brands can do food. Supplement brands can do skincare. There’s a blurriness that’s happening that gives brands more opportunity and space than ever to experiment.”

Kat Bryce, co-founder and global brand VP of Loum Beauty, a skincare brand in the portfolio of the incubator Present Life with the motto, “discover the science of calm,” and products formulated to combat the effects of stress on the skin, describes the market potential of beauty products confronting the damage wrought by stress as “enormous.” “Stress isn’t another category in skincare,” she says. “Stress and stress hormones are underpinning all of the skin problems we are concerned about.” (I added the bold – this is so important!)

In the ingestible segment, Barton Warner, CEO, and co-founder of stress management supplement brand R3set envisions enormous potential as well. He highlights data showing that, after general health, stress and sleep are the two leading motivators for why consumers under 50 years old turn to supplements. “When you look at the category of stress management products, it’s tiny,” says Warner. “There’s a big difference between what consumers are saying they are looking for and what the market is providing them. That’s why I think there will be so much growth over the next period. …”

“Stress is the next frontier. It used to be clean.”

Interest in stress-related products is prevalent because stress is incredibly prevalent. According to The American Institute of Stress, stress is defined as “physical, emotional and mental strain or tension.” In data collected by the organization in 2014, around three-quarters of Americans reported they regularly experience physical and psychological manifestations of stress, and one-quarter of Americans reported they live with extreme stress. Money, work, crime, violence, political and personal issues, and worries about the future are major causes of stress.

Not surprisingly, the pandemic exacerbated stress. Last year, the American Psychological Association’s annual survey on stress conducted by The Harris Poll revealed nearly 80% of Americans reported the pandemic was a significant source of stress, and nearly 70% reported heightened stress over the course of the pandemic. With the publication of the survey, the APA sounded the alarm about what prolonged elevated stress was doing to Americans’ mental health. It proclaimed, “We are facing a national mental health crisis that could yield serious health and social consequences for years to come.” …

In concert with Columbia University neuropsychologist Sanam Hafeez, Loum Beauty conducted a study of women aged 18 to 55 drawing links between beauty and stress. The first-of-its-kind study found 63% spend less time on self-care and 61% feel less attractive when stressed while 75% agree that feeling bad affects their sense of feeling beautiful.

The younger women in the study were hit by stress harder. Seven in ten of them said they feel less attractive when stressed. “At every stage of their lives, calmness helps women feel more beautiful and confident,” emphasizes Loum Beauty in the paper on its study.

If there’s good news on the stress front…

…it’s that members of gen Z who range in age from 9 years old to 24 years old talk about stress openly in manners previous generations didn’t. Not only do they talk about it openly, Hana Ben-Shabat, the founder of consumer insights firm Gen Z Planet, says they seek assistance for it and welcome brands jumping into the discussion about stress with them. She points out, “They are very happy to hear about what solutions could be there for them.”

The focus on stress in the beauty industry comes as beauty trends are being dictated by consumers rather than executives in boardrooms. While the beauty industry may have historically been an instigator of stress with its rigid beauty standards that most people can’t conform to, it’s striving to move away from that rigidity to resonate with broader swaths of consumers, especially younger consumers.

“We used to be aspirational and out of touch. Now, brands want to level with consumers, and they want to be part of their conversation and not above them,” says Assaf. “Gen Z is really taking a stand to say, ‘We are not going to buy the $200 night cream from you just to make us look good. We would love you to understand where we are coming from.’

The conversation we were having 10 to 20 years ago is outdated. It’s really about brands that are positioned to create a life philosophy and way of life for consumers.”

That way of life can be fostered via products, content and practices—and brands are shaping all three to counter consumers’ stress. Product application rituals and meditation protocols are meant to enhance mindfulness along with personal maintenance.

Loum Beauty partnered with Reiki master and holistic aesthetician Julie Civello Polier to devise two-minute meditations to pair with its products. Even music hitmaker DJ Khaled dispensed a guided meditation series to go with his new CBD grooming brand Blesswell.

“Stress and stress hormones are underpinning all of the skin problems we are concerned about.”

Beauty and wellness brands are developing products filled with ingredients intended to battle stress and the impacts of stress. Loum Beauty incorporates marine microalgae it promotes as diminishing stress-induced inflammation.

Malini Amin, VP of business strategy at natural fragrance manufacturer Custom Essence, singles out tried-and-true essential oils such as chamomile and lavender as containing soothing properties suited to stress-busting products.

She says, “Brands can tap into these mood-boosting benefits by carefully choosing the right fragrance to help elevate a destress claim.” R3set’s supplements, which are wrapped in essentials oils for comforting aromatherapy purposes, feature ingredients including valerian root, GABA, and ashwagandha for stress regulation.

Since the federal Farm Bill was signed into law in the United States in 2018 and legalized the hemp trade, CBD may be the most prominent over-the-counter de-stressor on the market. Josh Kirby, chief product officer at Kin Slips, a brand selling sublingual products with the cannabinoids CBD, CBN, and THC, comments the top reasons for cannabis use are almost completely associated with stress. He says, “A cannabis product can’t stop your boss from being overbearing, but you can utilize certain products to improve certain aspects of yourself to prevent stress from being such a trigger.”

With or without CBD, supplements and beauty products vow to offer stress relief without extensive commitment, a key component of their allure. One of R3set’s core consumer groups consists of busy moms who are unable to squeeze exercise, healthy cooking, meditation, and therapy into their loaded schedules.

Warner says, “We definitely educate consumers about other things they can do beyond taking supplements, but they like the fact that there is a very simple thing they can do to care for their stress.”

Consumers also dabble in stress-fighting OTC products to steer clear of pharmaceutical treatments. As a nurse before launching the brand La Parea Wellness five years ago, Samanta Moise saw clearly that stress was sickening people, but Western medicine wasn’t always equipped with proper answers for it.

Assaf supplies an estimate that 75% to 90% of doctor visits in the U.S. are tied to stress, and Loum Beauty figures 35% of dermatology consultations are affiliated with mental health qualms, predominantly stress.

In addition to her stress-addled patients getting sick, Moise struggled with migraines that could be brought on by stress. “I tried a lot of medications, but, once I started down the holistic route, which was yoga, meditation and aromatherapy, it helped a lot,” she says. …

As consumers discuss stress and sift through information about it, they may begin to decipher the multitude of forms it takes and gravitate to specialized products. Brands are already getting more sophisticated about stress. 

Loum Beauty’s Bryce foresees a surge in haircare products that tend to the effects of stress on the hair and scalp. Kugelman imagines at-home tests that measure stress hormones, and brands tailoring products to test findings.

At Prima, Assaf is intrigued by the possibility of delineating various stressors, from social media to environmental pollution, and forging solutions for them from a product and content perspective.

“I would love the next generation of women to think, when they have a skin issue going on, where can I eliminate some of the stressors in my life as opposed to what is the most powerful skincare product I can put on my blemish?” she says, continuing, “One of the stressors that plague us every day is the constant scroll of Instagram.

So, you see wellness brands saying, ‘Yes, we have to be on social media,’ but, every once and a while, we put out a post that says, ‘Reminder, stop the scroll. Go out into nature.’ It’s about understanding that you can go outside of normal brand marketing to give consumers that out. That’s a brand acknowledging stress, and brands are doing this more and more.”

Assaf concludes, “We are trying to normalize stress. Nothing is wrong with you. We are all dealing with this, and here are products that you can get without going to the doctor.” With its products, Prima asserts “a less stressed-out you awaits.”

Judith Culp Pearson is a licensed esthetician, and published author in the field of esthetics. She is passionate about wellness and focuses on creating content and copy for businesses in the wellness sector.

Feeling Stressed?

Feeling stressed? Feeling stress can push you to the breaking point.

If you’re feeling stressed know that you’re not alone…

However, getting stressed over being stressed just makes it worse.  Since April is National Stress Awareness month, lets’ talk about how to de-stress.

Our lives have always had a lot of stress in them, but the pandemic has made it much worse.  And since women tend to juggle more—they may feel it more. The World Health Organization has called stress the epidemic of the 21st Century.  

When you feel stress it triggers cortisol. Cortisol in turn puts stress on your body.  You’ll feel the tight muscles, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, anger, and poor sleep.  All of these in turn trigger more stress.  It’s a vicious circle.  

It’s also something that every one of your clients is experiencing. 

Here are some tips you can use to reduce your own stress and share with your clients.

  1. MOVE!  Get some exercise or do some stretches. Movement helps flush stress from your system. Take a moment between clients to stretch and work out the kinks so you don’t pass stress from one client to the next.
  2. Eat well.  There are really two kinds of eaters. Those who live to eat and those who eat to live. When we choose fresh and healthy, that’s what we get. 
  3. Get plenty of sleep.  Sleep trackers can really help to understand how much quality sleep you’re getting. Electronics deplete your melatonin. Avoid them for 2 hours before bed.
  4. End your day on a positive note. Relax with an herbal tea, a book, puzzle or play a board game with the kids. 
  5. Clear your mind with a little yoga or doing some meditation. Ponder your gratitudes.
  6. Consider taking a supplement or use soothing teas to help manage stress. Ashwagandha, B-complex vitamins, Kava, Rhodiola, Melatonin, and Glycine are some ingredients to include.

And here’s 1 more…

  1. Self-care is important.

Feeling stressed? You might like this article on Stress and the Beauty Connection.

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Success is more than you think

Most of us think of success in terms of our careers. It’s far more than that. Our lives are not lived in a vacuum with career the only thing we need to do.  We also need to pay attention to our health and relationships.

A friend had been burning the candle at both ends focusing all his energy on his career. He ended up having a heart attack. Help arrived quickly, but he was terrified. His thoughts immediately went to his five-year-old son. He looked up the doctor, fearing for his life. “Please don’t let me die.”.

He didn’t think of his work. He thought of those most important to him.

His story was a wake-up call for me.  Time to do things differently and take care of myself. It was time to stop being a career-focused workaholic and ignoring my own health and my family.

We all need balance in our lives. If we don’t take care of all three of life’s aspects, we and our families suffer. The quality of our work suffers.

Three legs of balanced living.


Feeling good can be its own success. When we’re healthy and fit, we have more energy and engage more with life.

Health is inextricably tied to food choices, movement, and sleep.


Eat to feel your best. We all have some food types that make us feel icky afterward and others that energize us. If you put regular gas in a race car it won’t run right. The same is true for people. Discover the right foods for your body type. The whole family will benefit from healthy meals.

Eating to feel your best isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle. If weight management is a concern, there are several lifestyle diets that can support you. Everyone’s body responds differently so try to understand your own metabolism and body type to bolster success.


Movement is the body’s lubrication. Our workstyles today don’t offer a lot of movement. Try to take mini-breaks every 15 minutes. Just for one minute, stand up, stretch, flex your body.  Studies have proven taking even a one-minute break every 15 minutes keeps your brain working at peak efficiency.  

Build movement into your day. Park farther from the store, take the kids or dog for walks, dance while you’re getting ready in the morning. 

One really easy trick is when you fold clothes. Take one piece at a time and fold it while you walk to another room to create your pile. Repeat for each item and you’ll be amazed how many steps you can rack up.  Every step does count.

If you look at many elderly people, (an aged parent or grandparent), they tend to be weaker and frailer. Much of that comes from a lack of movement. The adage “if you don’t use it you lose it,” does hold true. The patterns we follow now build us an edge so we can enjoy an active life even as we age.


Most people don’t get enough sleep.  Studies show that if we aren’t routinely getting at least 7-8 hours our brain function drops. Our productivity and creativity drop. 

Stress can keep us awake. Worrying about your career, finances or personal issues pull down your ability to sleep and impair your work the next day.

One thing many people don’t realize is our electronic screens deplete the brain’s melatonin reserves. Melatonin is the chemical that helps us sleep. Turning off electronic screens an hour before bedtime helps you sleep better, longer.

You may find it’s a great time to do some relaxing stretches, Yoga moves, or meditation. Read something…a physical book or magazine, not electronic.

Have a relaxing cup of tea. Experiment to find what changes help you sleep better.

Career Success

Whether you think of it as your career, work or wealth, it’s what provides your income. For many people, 2020 brought a lot of career changes. Working remote, changing jobs or putting in a lot of overtime hours.

Hopefully, it is something you love. Spending your life doing something you hate is a bleak thought. If you don’t love what you do, make a plan to change.

What would allow you to do something you’d really love? When you love what you do, you’re more energized, productive and fulfilled.

Career change? Maybe you want to go into business for yourself. That takes time and lots of planning…and setting aside a nest egg.

If you run your own business, you want to learn, grow,  and implement. Discover what works and learn from what doesn’t. Your work benefits from making a plan and following it. 

Working remotely? Don’t let it take over your life. Schedule a start time and an end of work day time. Try an alarm on your phone to remind you it’s time to shut-down the office and spend time with family. 

Success in Relationships

Relationships are key to emotional and mental health. Family, friends, a partner/spouse each bring their own value. Relationships enhance your feelings of belonging and feeling loved. 

When we give and help others we get far more in emotional return. Giving without keeping score enhances every relationship. It makes you freer and happier. 

In your family work together, clean together, and play together. Not only are we raising the next generation of adults, together time makes magical memories.

Decide what your top goals are for today, this week, this month, this quarter, and this year. If it’s a big goal, break it into doable chunks. Put those steps on your calendar. In each area of your life, what is the one thing you will do today? Tiny micro-steps, make change happen.

Skip the Boozy Bachelorette – Celebrate with a Bachelorette Spa Wellness Retreat

Escape to a spa for your bachelorette retreat
Getty Images

In the past, brides, as well as grooms, have celebrated their upcoming nuptials with a weekend away partying. But with the growing focus on health and wellness millennial brides are opting for something more low key. A de-stressing bachelorette spa wellness retreat.

If you’re a bride or know a bride, it’s a great way to arrive at the wedding, relaxed, pampered and calm.

It might be just you and your bridesmaids or include some of your best friends. It’s a time to enjoy each other’s company and bond. Find somewhere local or pick a destination location.

Make it personal and include activities you and your friends enjoy.

  • Spa treatments
    • Massage
    • Facials
    • Manicures
    • Pedicures
  • Yoga together
  • Outdoor activities
    • Hiking
    • Horseback riding
    • Water sports
    • Skiing
    • Local walking tour
  • Personal fitness advice
  • Cooking class
  • Wine tasting

If fitness is a goal, find somewhere that offers healthy food choices that taste decadent. If the spa you want to visit isn’t in a hotel, is there a nice one nearby that meets those needs? It’s great to keep the group together for the best bonding and fun.

Some hotel resorts offer a great wedding location. They may also offer a package that will allow you and the girls to arrive a few days early. You can have your bachelorette spa retreat on-site. You will feel pampered, rested and relaxed for your magical day.

Their event planner can assist you with all the details and support services you will need.

Here’s a link to Brides for more ideas.


Experience Tall ships under sail on the seas…

Tall Ships take you back to the 18th Century and the Era of Buccaneers…


Mast of the ship towers high above
Tall ship mast soars 89 ft.

Under a brilliant blue sky, the helmsman cut the trolling motor.  The silence was complete.  The 112-footlong “tall ship” wallowed in gentle swells that felt much stronger than their size.

There was no denying the power of the ocean around us. My hands gripped the nearest solid wood to steady myself against the roll. First-time sailors, my girlfriend and I caught glances and smiled. Here we were, senior citizens, ticking off a bucket list dream.

Wind whipped the sails. Wood creaked. Sailors, dressed in well-worn period garb, worked the rigging. Raising  4442 feet of sails using over 6 miles of ropes, (called rigging), and then rotating the angles of the masts to catch the wind is a complex job. It requires teamwork and precise orchestration.


Then the wind caught, the sails billowed and the ship surged forward cutting smoothly through the waves.  We were sailing on the ocean.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the first mate shouted over the noise of the wind. “You are traveling at the speed that conquered the world.”  The wind whipped and billowed the tall ship’s sails. The first mate shouted commands. Sailors chanted replies over the sound of ocean swells meeting the hull.

Tall ship quietly sails under the bridge above

Skillfully, the sailors guided the brig back into the long jetty that protects the Newport, Oregon harbor.  Just off starboard, a kayaker skimmed across the water, keeping pace with little difficulty. Gulls cried, sails whipped, rigging groaned.

A dozen crew and 45 enchanted guests sailed for the next 45 minutes before heading Lady Washington back to dock. As sailors, both male and female tend to the ship, their bawdy songs provide a tempo for the work.

One of the crew sat on the deck, gathering children around her and exploring the contents of a sailor’s rucksack and telling stories. Shutters clicked as passengers tried to capture the moment. Eighty-nine feet above us the peak of the main mast towered. There is no experience like it.

Tall ships

Lady Washington is called a tall ship because of the height of her sails.  She is a full-scale replica of the original Lady Washington. Following the Revolutionary War, the original ship was refitted and set on an adventure.  She sailed around the horn in 1778 to become the first US vessel to sail the Pacific and reach the west coast.  From there she traveled for the next 10 years around the vast Pacific Ocean on trading missions.

The modern Lady Washington was launched in 1989. She is dedicated to bringing the magic of the age of tall ships to locals and visitors up and down the west coast.  Her goal to educate, excite and preserve the history of the era.

Her home is in Gig Harbor, Washington but Lady Washington spends much of her time with her crew at sea. She is famous, having appeared in several movies including “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl.” Each year in December she departs with her companion the Hawaiian Chieftain. The two tall ships sail from Gig Harbor to San Diego, CA.

Shipmates work as a team to maneuver the tall ship

Slowly, they sail back up the west coast with numerous ports of call. School children are given tours. Living history. The public may also pay to tour the ships while docked or go for a sail.  If you want to go sailing, buy your tickets early as they generally sell out in advance in every port.

Feeling adventurous?

A limited number of guests are allowed to book passage and travel between ports with the crew. There are restrictions for these guests available on their website.

Because these are accurate historical replicas they are not handicapped accessible. But there is always a ready hand to assist guests safely on and off the ship.   For complete information on the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain, their history and their schedule please visit http://historicalseaport.org/.  Step back into history and enjoy the age and magic of the era of Buccaneers.

One of my readers commented they’d like to experience sailing but had physical challenges. Not a problem. There are companies that specialize in helping every level of ability enjoy sailing. Here are three links I found:




Enjoy your adventure!!!

Tall ship mast

Author: Judith Culp is a freelance wellness travel writer. She is a member of the International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance as well as the Professional Writer’s Alliance.

Wellness abounds at Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls wellness unmatched

Winding your way up the long drive is like driving into a 3-d postcard.

Cedar Falls Manor has always offered wellness
Cedar Falls Manor offers wellness retreat

The 18th-century red sandstone mansion is the essence of beauty. Situated amidst 44 acres it’s a park with its gardens, woods, and lakes.

 Health farm and spa 

Designed as a health farm and spa, Cedar Falls has been offering wellness retreats since 1982. But the “health” tone has changed. Originally, you had to earn your way to the fabulous meals via diet and exercise.

Today’s guests retreat to relax and renew. Most guests are female visiting

Gardens offer a lovely place to walk or relax and unwind in nature
Cedar Falls Gardens

alone or with friends. Every year a high percent of them return for an annual retreat.

The atmosphere is that of a manor home, not a hotel. Built in 1830 it has been completely restored to better than original by local craftsmen. The detail of the craftsmanship is a visual delight. Luxury but deliberately unpretentious.

Wellness unmatched 

Cedar Farm doesn’t see themselves as a hotel with a spa. Instead, the focus is the health farm. Wellness abounds. Lots of nature to lure you out for a round of golf. They offer a 9 hole 18 tee golf course. The natural features make it fun and challenging for all levels of golfers. The golf course is complete with its own cabin to cater to the needs of the golfers.
A diversity of outdoor opportunities to encourage you to stretch and move:
  • Body conditioning

    The outdoor pool is open all summer for guest exercise
    Outdoor pool for exercise and restoration

  • Pool (summer only)
  • Pilates
  • Country walks alone or organized walk
  • Photography in the gardens or terraces
  • Tennis court
  • Golf

    Yoga and Pilates in the former ballroom
    Yoga and Pilates room


Or head to the gym to work out. Need some help? Your personal fitness trainer will guide you into the right moves.
Too cool for outdoors? Relax in the indoor hot tub, pool, and conservatory.

The focus is wellness and relaxing restoration.

Forget business. Lounge in your lovely plush robes and slippers. You are welcome to wander throughout the home and to the pool, spa or conservatory. No need to get dressed until you are ready for dinner.

Indoor spa offer wellness year around
Indoor Pools and conservatory


The spa is first class with a wide diversity of treatments and facilities. Enjoy its friendly caring approach and superb guest services.

Guests can relax and enjoy a beverage in the spa lounge
Spa lounge and beverage bar

  • Beauty treatments
  • Body treatments
  • Body wraps
  • Facial treatments
  • Hot stone therapy
  • Hairstyling services
  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Spray tanning
  • Natural therapy treatment
  • Mother-to-be treatments
  • Men’s specialty treatments
Natural therapies are a unique twist. Their goal is to help you feel better about yourself inside. Back problems, headaches, depression are all dealt with. Likewise work-life balance, stress reduction, re-energizing and nourishing your spirit.
Guests can come and spend a health spa day, or opt for overnight packages. The Spa Stay package includes your room, meals and their most popular treatments. The Spa Overnight package includes your room and treatments of choice – build it yourself.


For small groups of up to four, they have the option of the South Lodge. It is self-contained and includes full access to all the facilities of the main house.
Groups can also reserve the spa for their private use in the evenings. It is a great option for a special event and to experience a sampling of what Cedar Falls Spa offers.
The Spa features Clarins and Espa products. Treatments are very popular. Advanced booking is strongly recommended.


Oasis of Tranquility is designed for enhancing wellness
Oasis of Tranquility

Take a break and visit the Oasis of Tranquility. This quiet zone is designed in the style of a Turkish Hammams. Enjoy sumptuous decor and lounging beds. Salt lamps, the furnishings, and aroma help you switch off and restore. Beware – this is a technology free zone. No phones or other devices allowed.

Dining is a healthy indulgence.

Meals here are healthy choices prepared to gourmet tastes and enhanced by views of nature
The dining room offers soothing nature vistas and healthy food choices

Lunch is a tempting buffet. Traditional afternoon teas, cakes, and pastries will tempt you. Want something more than coffee or tea? The bar is open with offerings for your pleasure.

After you change from your robe and slippers you can enjoy an amazing dinner. Enjoy the exquisite food while you relax with stunning garden views from its generous windows.
Dinner a three-course foodie’s delight. Savory rich Venison Terrine, Five Spice Sea Bass Fillet, and seasonal specialties. The menu brings you the best of fresh local produce and regional offerings. Be advised… desserts are decadent.
After dinner relax on your own or join other guests for an evening talk in the drawing room at nine pm. Guests enjoy a wide diversity of wellness and local topics. After the evening talk, things go quietly. In its rural setting, it’s a serene tranquil spot for a great night’s sleep. Snuggle into that comfy bed and let your stress dissipate and your body renew.

Relax, Renew, Revitalize at the Ginger Tree

Relax, Renew, Revitalize at the Ginger Tree

Ginger Tree offers holistic health and beauty
Ginger Tree Clinic

The Ginger Tree sits amidst the most beautiful, serene area in England. The Yorkshire Dales.  Ginger Tree is a short 1.5-mile drive from Richmond. It attracts visitors and locals from across the area. Peaceful, quiet, secluded, it prompts relaxation.

Aske Stables

Ginger Tree is located in an impressive Victorian building. Originally built as the horse stable for a nearby mansion. Walking in the stone paved courtyard, you expect the clatter of hooves.

Aske Stables renovated into a business park with all the amenities and a gorgeous view
Aske Stables now a business park with amazing views

Renovations took place in the late 1990s. They retained the gorgeous stone exterior. Insides were redone to meet modern needs. State of the art, eco-friendly Ascot Stables opened in 2000. Now over two dozen companies call it home.

A place to escape

Ginger Tree owner, Kathy, selected Ascot Stables for the tranquil setting. She loves the relaxing gardens and ample parking.

Aske Entry and Courtyard diverse businesses get to enjoy this amazing architecture every day
Aske Entry and Courtyard stunning and serene and ample parking.  It has great proximity to local towns.  It was a winning decision and her clients love it.

Kathy is an escapee of London’s hectic pace. She brought her extensive training and skills to the peace of the Dales.

Pamper yourself with a massage, facial or body treatment. Stay groomed with natural nail care. Enlist her as your makeup artist for your special event. She even helps with hair. Here you will find what you need.

Kathy is a strong believer in natural and organic. Products must be at least

Ginger Tree Treatment Room for holistic beauty
Ginger Tree Treatment Room

70% natural and organic ingredients.  To treat the unique needs of each client she maintains diversity.

  • Environ  – physician developed therapeutic skin care for dramatic improvement.
  • Pink Boutique –  handcrafted organic aromatherapy.
  • Neal’s Yard -organic skin care.
  • Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup.
  • SpaRitual – eco-friendly vegan nail care.
  • Advanced Nutrition Program – supplements for beauty from the inside out.

Customized therapies encourage you to relax, renew, rejuvenate.

Wellness Center

Ginger Tree reception area with original fireplace now used as decor
Ginger Tree Reception with original fireplace

Her vision has been for a total wellness center. In September 2016 this came to fruition. The Ginger Tree facility expanded.

It now includes:

  • homeopathy
  • Yoga
  • pilates
  • reiki
  • reflexology.

Locals are lucky to have such a well thought out holistic center nearby.  It is the trend of the future, today!

Salishan Oregon Coast Oasis, play, relax, restore

Salishan Spa encourages you to relax and restore with private views of the bay
Salishan Resort Photo Courtesy of ANKROM MOISAN

Salishan, Oregon Coast Oasis

Nestled next to Siletz Bay, Salishan Resort has been offering wellness for decades. Many baby boomer natives grew up visiting there.  Freshly remodeled and updated, guests are returning to enjoy the magic of this coastal oasis.

Salishan sits on 250 lush acres. It seems to be one with nature.  Play a round of golf on their top-caliber course stretching from the bay to the edge of old forests. Walk on paths among the tall Douglas firs and Sitka spruce that leave you feeling you may have stepped into another place and time.

Stay, relax, and rejuvenate. The remodeled modern guest rooms wrap you in rustic luxury. Throughout you will enjoy Oregon Coast materials. Local woods, marble and stone. Whether you choose a simple spacious room, with a private balcony, or a lavish suite with its own hot tub, you won’t be disappointed.

Salishan Spa

Oregon Coast details abound in The Spa at Salishan. From the moment you enter, coastal restorative elements surround you.  Relax in the lounge and watch eagles soar over the bay. Or soak up nature from the outdoor infinity whirlpool accompanied by the dull roar of waves crashing.

Succumb to the hands of skilled massage therapists. Cool coastal temperatures make hot stone treatments a favorite. This Signature 90 minute treatment will shift you into a state of complete relaxation.  With 8 different massages and 60 or 90-minute lengths, you have many choices.

Choose from a full range of customizable facials, body treatments, hand and foot treatments and salon services available. Spend an hour > spend the day.  Retreat alone, bring a friend.

4 Unique Restaurants

With four unique restaurants, your hardest decisions will be choosing which one.  Choose their Signature room, Gray’s for creative Pacific Northwest inspired dining.  Gray’s specializes in fresh local seafood and steaks.  Their award-winning chef is known for his special creations and flavors. Enjoy the spectacular views of the coast while you try one of their famous potpies.

If you want something more casual The Sun Room, The Attic Lounge or the Grill at the Golf Clubhouse each have their own special charm and unique atmosphere.  Go, explore, and stay. There’s lots to see at the coast.

Summers are high season at the Oregon Coast. Be sure to make your reservations in advance. The coast is popular year around for weekend escapes by those who live in the Willamette Valley. It’s only 2 hour 15 minutes from Portland. Inclement weather doesn’t slow down Oregon Coast goers.  They flock to vantage points where they can watch the power of Pacific storms high winds and crashing waves.

For the best pricing check out one of Salishan’s package specials or visit during the off-season.  October to May visitors enjoy less traffic and lower pricing, especially Sunday – Thursday.

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