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I’m Judith, the Spa Travel Insider. I’ve been in the spa industry for over 30 years. It’s a great career, helping other people feel better about themselves.  It also gives the chance for one of my favorite hobbies – travel.  Traveling for industry conferences gave me the opportunity to learn about spas and hotel properties across the US and abroad. Making the trips with my best friend and colleague gave time for quality bonding and a lot of fun shared memories.

There are some things to take and do to ensure the best experience.  After fighting with suitcases nearly as big as I was, (yes, I’m vertically challenged) I learned to pack smarter. When you have to handle your own luggage, you need to travel light.  You also need to be able to lift those bags into the overhead bins or fit them in tiny European elevators. – Yes, I’ll be sharing my favorite tips. I learned to plan the trip and the secrets to saving money.  Also, the rewards of splurging and having an amazing memory and experience. I learned tricks to travel healthy. Also learned what to expect if you or someone you are with should get sick.

Spa Travel Insider wants to help you plan a fun successful trip
Traveling with physical challenges….

Traveling with a parent or someone with disabilities takes planning to meet their challenges.  I took Mom on a heritage tour in Massachusetts. Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Village, King’s Church Cemetery. All the places she’d been researching for years came alive for her.  But I hadn’t anticipated pushing a wheelchair on uneven ground, in gravel and sloping paths. Thank goodness for a couple of strong college age guys who came to my rescue and helped me get her back to the parking lot. It was a fun trip, challenging and taught me a lot. More about that trip on my blog.

Then there was the visit with my handicapped sister to Disney World for a week. Who would have thought all of the handicap accessible rooms would only have one bed?  Fortunately, we were traveling with my son and his wife.  They were happy to take the King bed bedroom we took their double. They were adjoining rooms so Sis could use their handicap access shower and we didn’t have to spend the week trying to sleep in one bed.

Plan ahead to be prepared

International travel needs an adventure mindset. A neighbor once told me they cut their trip to London short and came home because they didn’t like paying the local tariff for a cup of coffee.  Researching before you go will help you match your comfort zone with where you want to visit.

Traveling in different seasons takes its own planning.   I come from the Pacific NW where once it gets summery, it can be dry for weeks or even 2-3 months.  Imagine my surprise on my first trips to the east coast where they get deluges in the middle of summer.  I’ve had to buy more than one umbrella unexpectedly.

England and Ireland are lush and green for a reason… rain.  Year around, every few days it rains or showers.  Little to no irrigating there.  It’s a learning process to pack for all the possibilities regardless of how warm or cold it is at home.  The surprises became “shopping opportunities.”

Like you, a big travel concern is safety for me. As the world changes, we will need to travel smart and be prepared for the unexpected.  Another chronic concern is dealing with airlines and delays.  I had one trip last year where I had two layovers each three hours long, each way on the trip.  Ick.  A good book and hiking the terminal to get in 10,000 steps make use of the long waits.

Take charge of health

As a cancer survivor, I believe in being proactive and taking responsibility for your health. One day at a time we can make little choices that add up to better long term health and wellness.  Moving, de-stressing, food choices and more.

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